Hi America!

Smarter products are now available in the USA. See below where you can buy the iKettle, FridgeCam and Smarter Coffee Maker. 

Freshly ground to your taste.

Our Smarter app lets you make your perfect cup of coffee from anywhere.


Brew coffee on your own terms for when you need it and have it ready at that perfect moment.

The Coffee Maker is available to buy on The Home Depot website.

The kettle for today's modern home.

Since the kettle is such a staple appliance in any home, it makes sense to upgrade to one which can do so much more.


Be amazed by how much a smart kettle can improve your daily family routines. 

The iKettle will be available soon.

Always know what's in your fridge.

Using the Smarter app, you can peek inside your fridge from anywhere. Simply open the app to view the latest snapshot of your fridge's shelves for a current view of what's in, what's not and what's going off.

The FridgeCam is available to buy on

The Home Depot website.

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