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From start to finish IFA 2019 did not disappoint.

From start to finish IFA 2019 did not disappoint. The week kicked off with the announcement of our partnership with AEG/Electrolux for FridgeCam PLUS™. We are very excited for what the future holds for this joint venture, both companies strive to create products that inspire and contribute to a change for the better, this is embodied in the concept of the PLUS. FridgeCam PLUS ™ brings lifestyle, health and sustainability choices from the insight provided on products and their freshness, enabling real savings and reduction in food waste. The device provides a personalised view inside any fridge for a fraction of the cost of an inbuilt device. Making this product flexible and affordable ‘smart evolution’ for any kitchen.  

We had a great reaction from the press, they were particularly interested in the end to end inventory management and the FridgeCams new AI feature SmarterAssist, which takes the device a step further to become fully automated. 

Toms guide- “I don’t know about you, but I have wished for a way to see what is in the fridge when I’m in the supermarket in countless occasions, to make sure I know what to buy. “

See what the press had to say in our coverage over the week: The Spoons, Make Use Of and Toms guide.

“IFA is a great way to measure how one product will succeed in the market, and I’m happy to say the FrigdeCam PLUS had a huge impact this year at the Electrolux stand. We’re excited about the future and how Smarter is helping to build a smart evolution in every house.” -Christian Lane CEO

We can safely say it was an extremely successful week and another IFA to remember! 

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